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New year, new attitude to farm and croft safety

Educational materials will help families talk about farm and croft safety.


At the start of the new year, farmers and crofters are being encouraged to look at the measures in place to ensure children’s safety on farm.

SAC Consulting - part of SRUC - has created health and safety information to make parents and children aware of the dangers on farms and crofts on behalf of the Farm Advisory Service.

The materials include three seasonal films on lambing, autumn livestock sales and winter, which children can watch with their parents.

There are also interactive videos to help children spot hazards around a farmyard and in a shed, and identify animal emotions, understand the dangers relating to livestock and the rules to follow when encountering them.

In addition, there are colouring sheets for children and a list of frequently asked questions about farm safety for parents.

Janette Sutherland, Agricultural Consultant with SAC Consulting, said: “It is a real challenge to balance the need to keep children safe while allowing them to take part in activities on the croft or farm – activities which often encourage future generations of farmers and crofters.

“Research has shown that getting children involved in identifying risks and thinking about safety is effective. To that end, we have created health and safety information and interactive games, as well as three seasonal films on lambing, livestock sales and winter, which children can watch with their parents.”

To take part in the activities visit the Farm Advisory Service website.

If you want more information about Farm Safety, please contact the FAS helpline on 0300 323 0161 or email

Posted by SRUC on 04/01/2022

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