New technologies to future-proof the livestock sector

Virtual fencing is among the topics being addressed at a new technologies event.


New and upcoming technologies in the Scottish livestock sector will be the focus of an event organised by SRUC.

The event will showcase the latest research into new technologies for livestock currently being carried out by SRUC, SAC Consulting - part of SRUC, and Teagasc. 

The power of data, virtual fencing and grass precision tools are among the topics being addressed by speakers at the Future Livestock New Technologies event.

Kirsten Williams, of SAC Consulting, said: “Agriculture is facing great challenges, with an increasing world population, changing policy and a drive to improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Farmers can rise to this challenge by adapting farming systems to meet these changing circumstances and taking up practices and technologies that allow the output to be maximised and inputs reduced. 

“The event will allow for knowledge exchange and bring science into practice.”

The event, funded by the University Innovation Fund, will run as an afternoon session on Tuesday 1 June.

To join, please register at:

Posted by SRUC on 18/05/2021

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