Eurofins enters new partnership with SRUC

Eurofins Argo Testing will work with SAC Consulting to strengthen and develop its agricultural testing service

Eurofins Agro Testing is now leading the soil, forage and plant pathology laboratory at SRUC and will work in partnership with SAC Consulting to strengthen and develop its agricultural testing service across the UK.

Eurofins took over the provision of the relevant lab services on 1 September, and the coming months will see the two organisations working together to broaden the services available to farmers throughout the country.

Andrew Shead, Managing Director of all Eurofins Agricultural Testing Laboratories in the United Kingdom, said: “We are excited about, and committed to, working with our new colleagues at SRUC to align all testing activities as soon as possible in order to provide our customers with the experience of both organisations.

“This development forms the basis of a strong partnership between the two organisations, combining SRUC’s great reputation in the Scottish market with Eurofins’ market-leading portfolio of tests. Together we want to contribute to viable, healthy and sustainable farming and growing.”

This is the third addition to the Eurofins Agro Testing network in the past year, with similar assets in Viborg, Denmark and Buxtehude, Germany.

Andrew Lacey, Vice Principal of Commercial (SRUC) and Head of SAC Consulting, said: “Eurofins is an established global leader in testing and this partnership will help to further the great work we are doing at SRUC. Demand for agricultural data and insight is increasing in Scotland, and having the Eurofins name and brand here will improve this further.

“It will allow us to offer an even better service than before, opening up potential for new services and careers, new data to inform and drive developments in research, and to potentially develop student employment opportunities working with a global company.”

Posted by SRUC on 11/09/2023

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