Eggstra special award for Poultry Production student

"Claire Strathern with chicken and dog" 

Poultry Production student Claire Strathern is eggstatic after winning a top prize at the Scottish Egg Quality Awards.

The 21-year-old, who is studying for an HNC at Scotland’s Rural College, was given the John Cessford Young Person of the Year award for her Egglicious Eggs business in Stirling.

“I grew up on my family’s farm and for my 15th birthday I got ten chickens,” she said. “That eventually grew into the business that I run with my dad called Egglicious Eggs and we now have 10,500 chickens.

“I was shocked to win the award as I did not expect it. I am very proud that I can say I have worked hard to get where I am today, but without the help of my dad I definitely would not have managed to win this award.”

Claire signed up for the Poultry Production course, delivered via distance learning, because she wanted to learn more about the industry.

“I decided I wanted to learn how to do the job correctly as I had no previous background in poultry,” she said. “I thought it would be a good stepping stone for me to learn how to run my business properly and eventually go on to do a Masters in Applied Poultry Science.”

As well as her studies, Claire volunteers with the Royal Highland Education Trust, visiting schools to tell children where food comes from and explain the difference between free range and battery hens.

Her long-term ambition is to continue educating children about the origin of food – and encourage the next generation of farmers.

In the meantime, she is continuing to expand her business.

“I want to keep producing the high-quality product that our customers love,” she said.

Posted by SRUC on 19/08/2019

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