Rearing wagyu cross dairy calves (meeting)


There has been a recent increase in the number of traditional beef suckler units that have started rearing Wagyu cross dairy calves as an addition to their current business.

With this, a largely unfamiliar set of challenges regarding the management of these animals arise, that can lead to production losses and significant levels of mortality.

Because of these issues we have arranged for Colin Mason (VIO Dumfries) who has specialist knowledge in dairy calf rearing to come and speak to farmers involved with dairy calves and any practitioners who may also have an interest in this. David Bell (SAC beef specialist) and a representative from Warrendale wagyu will also be in attendance.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11th January at 2pm in the consultants office at Greycrook (St Boswells).

Numbers will be limited so if you or any clients intend coming then please let Andrew Robinson know via e-mail.

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 21/12/2023

Tags: Production Disease
Categories: Cattle