Nematodirus Warning

Recent cold nights and warm days have led to SCOPS forecasting for moderate risk of Nematodirus hatch in some parts of Northern Scotland.

The SCOPS website shows several weather stations reaching moderate risk levels, meaning hatching is expected to occur in the next 7-24 days.


Suggested advice is as follows:


Work out the risk for individual groups of lambs:

  • Are they old enough to be grazing significant amounts (usually 6 weeks plus)?
  • Are they grazing fields that were grazed by lambs last spring?
  • South facing fields will hatch earlier


Take action:

  • Move at risk lambs to pasture not grazed by lambs last spring
  • Do not rely on worm egg counts to diagnose – intestinal damage and lamb deaths can occur before the infection becomes patent
  • Resistance to benzimidazoles has been reported so check efficacy with faecal egg counts 7 to 10 days post treatment
  • Do not assume all scouring lambs/deaths at this time of year are due to Nematodirus – investigate for concurrent disease such as coccidiosis


For further updates and risk level specific to your local area, click here.

Posted by Veterinary Services on 01/04/2020

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