Jillian's remarkable journey: from animal science to agritech

Earlier this year SRUC was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education which recognises the institution’s contribution to animal welfare, veterinary science, education, research, and the economy through its world-class Veterinary Services network.

This second blog is about another talented colleague Jillian Gordon who is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and innovation. Jillian has embarked on an inspiring educational and professional journey at SRUC. We explore how she has become a PhD candidate, entrepreneur, and agricultural lecturer!

Jillian Gordon

Early Years and Academic Pursuits

  • HNC Bioscience (Applied Animal Science): Jillian's academic journey began with an HNC in Bioscience, specializing in applied animal science. Curiosity about animal welfare and health fuelled her desire to learn more.
  • International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law Masters: In 2015, Jillian took a significant step by enrolling in an International Animal Welfare master's program. Through this collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (UofE) and SRUC (Scotland's Rural College), she deepened her understanding of animal welfare issues and graduated in 2019.
  • Human Geography Masters by research: in 2019 Jillian then went on to complete a Masters by research in Human Geography, where she worked to develop social science research techniques for use in the agricultural sector. This was done in collaboration with University of Edinburgh (UofE) and SRUC (Scotland's Rural College).

Pursuing a PhD and Entrepreneurship

  • PhD in agriculture and food security: Jillian's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a PhD with SRUC. She is working to complete her research thesis on Farmers' Breeding Decisions in Dairy Beef Production—a critical area for sustainable agriculture.
  • Agritech Entrepreneurship: In 2022, Jillian founded her own Agritech company, supported by SRUC's Innovation Hub. Her mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance cattle health and welfare. Her enterprising spirit and commitment to innovation are helping to drive positive change in the industry.

Balancing Academia and Teaching

  • Full-Time Agricultural Lecturer: In 2023, Jillian accepted a full-time position as an Agricultural lecturer at SRUC Oatridge. She is completing her PhD thesis and continuing to work on her own business supported by the SRUC innovation Hub. Her role as a researcher, entrepreneur and educator is a testament to her dedication.

SRUC: A Supportive Environment

  • Gratitude for SRUC: Jillian says “SRUC has given me the opportunity to continue my education. It has opened many doors for me including my PhD and starting my own business. Having been a student at SRUC myself I am honoured to be part of the lecturing staff. We have a fantastic and friendly team at SRUC with a lot of knowledge and expertise be that in education, research, consultancy, vet services and much more”.

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