African Swine Fever Awareness

The recent news that African Swine Fever (ASF) has been detected in wild boar in Germany is extremely concerning for the pig industry, although not unexpected.  The first case that was reported in September was estimated to have died 2 to 4 weeks before being found. Subsequently there have been 6 more cases reported in wild boar within a 7.5km radius of the first case. The area has been enclosed with fencing and control measures put in place.

ASF outbreaks have been spreading in Europe and Asia and without a vaccine, control is proving extremely difficult.  Whilst this current German outbreak may have been due to wild boar movement, it is also possible that the spread was due to wild boar gaining access to contaminated waste food from humans.  Vets and pig keepers in the UK are asked to remain vigilant for signs of ASF, particularly in outdoor populations where there might be contact with feral pigs.

It is worth stressing to pig keepers the risks associated with feeding waste food to pigs and that feeding any kitchen or catering waste remains illegal. For vets in mixed or companion animal practice, perhaps with infrequent or even rare contact with pigs, there are links below to literature on the signs of ASF and other useful information.


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Posted by Veterinary Services on 03/11/2020

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