We've recently added some new information for new and returning students around induction accommodation and vaccination. You can read about it here

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To become a fully registered student of SRUC, you must register online - a guide is on our registration pages.

  • You must do this every year before the start of your programme of study.
  • If you are a new student you will be sent an email that gives you your SRUC log in details to allow you to log in the SRUC Portal.
  • In the email you receive from us, it will also include a link to the SRUC portal to allow you to complete your Registration.
  • Returning students will be sent a link to the portal to Register.

The email will be sent to you at least two weeks before you start your programme, provided we have confirmation that you have met any conditions necessary and have accepted your offer to join the programme. They will start being sent out from the 11th of August but students on FE courses (for example NC or Introduction courses) and distance learning courses will be prioritised due to earlier start date of the academic year.

Find out more on our page detailing every step of the registration process.


Funding information

Make sure you've got all of your fees and funding arrangements made before starting at SRUC. You can find out more on the fees & funding page.

Student loans information for HN and Degree level students

If you have received your student loan payment schedule, SRUC will aim to confirm attendance during Induction Week. SRUC is required to confirm attendance/engagement and we will do this based upon engagement with induction activities. Please note that payments will be handled by SLC and are not within SRUC’s control.

Important funding note

Students who are studying an HN and Degree level course who are eligible to receive funding from SAAS must apply to SAAS for their tuition fees. Students who do not apply to SAAS may risk being faced with an invoice to pay for their course. If you're paying your own fees or are sponsored, you'll need to fill out the Statement of tuition fee liability form.

Set up your digital workspace

Programs and systems for students

Make sure that you can access your email, essential applications and understand how to do things like join the wifi, print documents and save files.
Find out more

Is your IT sorted?

Please complete this form to help us make sure you have all of the IT resources needed to take part in online teaching.
Complete the form

Travel and accommodation

If you have any questions about how to get to and where to live on campus please visit your respective campus page:

You can also download the residents handbook, which contains a lot of essential and helpful information. 

Health and wellbeing

Get links to resources and find out more about how SRUC can help you when it comes to looking after your physical and mental health whilst studying.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please see the below lists to find out what outdoor clothing and recommended Kit/PPE you might need:

You can use these links to order your equipment:

  • Further Education, for courses such as National Certificate that receive bursary funding for these items
  • Higher Education, for courses such as Higher National Certificate/Diploma and Degree where recommended items may be purchased by you at your own cost. The link to Guthries website may be used or you may supply your own items of Kit/PPE 

If you have any queries please contact your Programme Team Leaders or Tutors for further details.    

All items purchased will be posted to your home address by our supplier, Guthries. Please contact Guthries via the email or the phone number 01506 419 167 if you have any queries or issues with the items purchased.

Please note that if you are receiving boiler suits, they are likely to be blue and not green. Also, bulk/one size fits all items such as earplugs, gloves, hair nets, coveralls and so on, will be delivered to campuses and distributed from there.

A guide for parents and guardians

It takes time to learn how to be a parent of a college student, whether they leave home or under current circumstances are studying remotely. Our Parents & teachers guardians will give you more information on starting college life at SRUC and how you can support the new student.

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Forms checklist

Before you get started, make sure you've filled out all of the forms that apply to you.

IT resources form
Everyone should fill this in so we can make sure you have everything you need to use the systems and programs required to study at SRUC.

Student support assessment form
We would encourage all students to fill this in, so that we can make sure that you have everything you need to excel at your studies. We can help you address general and mental health, as well as mobility concerns, dyslexia and other learning difficulties, sensory/visual impairments and more.

Student vehicle registration form
If you are looking to bring your car to either the Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Oatridge campus, you'll need to apply for a permit using this form.

Coach transport form (only for Craibstone, Aberdeen)
Use this form if you are studying at Craibstone Estate in Aberdeen and need to use coach transport to get you to and from the campus.

Statement of tuition fee liability form
If you're paying your own fees or are sponsored, you need to fill out this form.

Induction and course start

Once you have successfully completed your online enrolment take look at what happens over the next few weeks, in the run-up to you starting your studies with us.

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