After you've registered, don't forget to go to our interactive Induction and Student Guide for all the information you need to successfully start/restart your studies this year!

Registration instructions

To become a fully registered student of SRUC, you must register online. 

You must do this every year before the start of your programme of study.


Step 1: Check Email

Check if you have received an "Access to your Student Account" email. Sometimes these go to spam folders or similar so please check. Once you receive your email from SRUC please go online and Register for your studies but please don’t attempt to Register until you have received you email as it will not be successful, and you will get an error message. 

This provides:

  • Details of how to access your student account
  • Links to support & guidance materials and contacts

For new students it also includes:

  • Your SRUC Student matriculation number
  • The format of your temporary password

We issue these emails in advance of your programme start date, once you are eligible to register.

Need help?

If you believe you are eligible to Register and have not received this email 2 weeks before your agreed start date, please email

If you need help with the process of Registering, we have completed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQs also contains contact details for the faculties who will be providing support for all registration related enquiries.

Registration Process

The registration process includes a number of parts. You must complete all parts. These include;

  • Declarations – this covers expected behaviours whilst a student at SRUC
  • Your personal details
  • Details about how your programme will be paid for
  • Consent details – this covers how we may use your personal data
  • Upload a photo

We need you to complete registration as soon as possible so we can make arrangements for you to have access to your own personal timetable as well as SRUC getting your student card ready for you.

Step 2: Access the SRUC Student Portal

  1. Check your 'Access Your Student Account' email for your log in details
  2. Log in to the SRUC Student Portal – this is the link - SRUC Portal
  3. Select: My Registration
  4. Once you have read all the declarations it will then take you through Your Personal Details, Emergency Contact Details, Equality and Diversity and inclusion information such as gender, sexual preference,  your preferred language, and other questions – please continue through the process until it is complete. We have to ask these questions, for national statutory reporting purposes.
  5. Some of this will be pre-populated however you should confirm the information is correct before navigating the pages. There will be mandatory fields that you cannot pass on and must answer.
  6. This, once fully completed, will bring you to your summary of your personal Academic Registration

Step 3: Academic Registration

  • Check your programme details are correct
  • Contact if your programme requires to be amended
  • Update personal information
  • Upload a digital passport-style photograph to be used on your Student Card

Step 4: Financial Registration

Please tell us how your fees are being paid. Many Scottish students have their fees paid for them if they are studying in Scotland for the first time. For students taking HN or degree qualifications, you must apply to SAAS as soon as possible - Student Awards Agency Scotland - SAAS - Funding Your Future

If you are paying your own fees or are sponsored, please complete Statement of tuition fee liability | SRUC

If you are a self-funding student you can pay by the following options;

  • Pay in instalments by standing order. SRUC’s payment terms are from November to April (6 monthly instalments) or,
  • In full by credit or debit card (details on who to contact will be stated on the invoice when you receive it)

Please note we do not accept cash payments for tuition fees.

Please note:

  • If you have not yet applied for your fee sponsorship, you will not be able to complete the financial registration process
  • If you are in receipt of a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance England or Wales, you will be classed as self-funding and not sponsored.

Apply for funding as soon as possible.

Watch the how-to videos


We appreciate that some students may need some additional help or support with any part of the process or with general enquiries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can help you – there is a team of colleagues across all campuses ready to help you with your enquiry during office hours. If out with office hours please email with a contact number and a colleague will get in touch. We would suggest that you contact the Campus you are going to be studying at.

The contact details are as follows:


Email Address

Telephone Number


01224 711000


01292 886200


01387 860251


01334 658800


0131 5354490


01506 864800

Step 5: Induction & course start

Once you have successfully completed your registration take a look at what happens over the next few weeks, in the run-up to you starting or returning to your studies with us.

Detailed induction process

Student ID cards

SRUC students are entitled to a matriculation card that shows you are a student at SRUC. There are two types of cards available to students. The first is a small plastic digitally capable card (matriculation card) that shows your image and you study details but is also digitally linked to SRUC campus systems such as the photocopiers and the lapsafe system which allows you to borrow laptops whilst on campus.

Additionally, SRUC offers a new digital ID card on your phone - intended to complement your matriculation card, and which can be used as an alternative in many situations but it does not link to Campus systems such as the photocopier or the lapsafe system.

Once you have registered as an SRUC student, you will be able to download the phone-based digital ID card through the mySRUC App. Your plastic matriculation card will be given or sent to you when it is printed out.


Policies & declarations

As part of the registration process, you will be required to read a number of SRUC policies that you need to follow while an SRUC student. You will need to tick a box during your online registration process to declare that you have read them and will abide by them. 

These policies are:

A copy of these policies will also be available for you to read while completing your online registration, but should you want to read them in advance to save time later, you are welcome to do so now. 


Registration FAQ

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