Famous for festivals

Edinburgh attracts well over a million visitors to the city each year to its variety of festivals devoted to art, culture, film, books, music, science, history and politics.

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Natural beauty

Edinburgh is based around seven hills and boasts an array of green spaces, parks, and panoramic views, as well as a great coastline and fantastic beach at Portobello.

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Social circles

The city offers a wide range of live music in local pubs to major venues, an exciting club scene, and there are hundreds of pubs, café’s and bars for socialising.

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Visitor attractions

Edinburgh offers a whole host of visitor attractions and activities, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Zoo, and numerous National Galleries and Museums. Many of these are free to visit.

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Scenic countryside

Edinburgh’s surrounding countryside offers a wide range of landscapes and scenery – hills and mountains, canals, beaches and coastline, castles, countryside and woodlands are all easily accessible.

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Keeping fit

As an SRUC Edinburgh student, you have access to the Pleasance and King’s Buildings sports facilities of Edinburgh University. Edinburgh Leisure also offers numerous pools, gyms & classes across the city.

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Easy travel

Edinburgh is a compact city, where many locations are easily walkable. There’s a great city bus service, as well as trams and cycle routes. Trains and the nearby airport make for great connections to and fro.

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Student discounts

Opportunities abound to make use of your student discount around Edinburgh, and with everything from flagship stores, to charity shops and markets, the city offers plenty of shopping variety.

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Sporting events

Edinburgh is home to football and world-class rugby teams, skiing & snowboarding at the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, climbing at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, and a host of top golf clubs.

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Edinburgh boasts numerous cinemas and theatres spread across the city ranging from small and luxurious to large venues hosting West End productions and tours.

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Temperatures range from 2 or 3 degrees in the winter to upwards of 20 degrees in the summer. It rains less in Edinburgh than it does in London on average, and while winter days are shorter, summer days are much longer.

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Student accommodation

There are plentiful private student halls of residence across the city, and the private rental market, usually offering shared flats, is stable due to the city’s large student population.

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