Academic requirements

Our applications criteria are intentionally broad, so that we open up the chances for study with us to as many people as possible.

You can view the full academic requirements here. 

In brief, the academic entry requirements are two Advanced Highers BB (to include 1 science), five Highers at AABBB to include at least 2 science subjects (chemistry, physics, biology, human biology, maths), plus N5 (A-C) in English, Maths/Applications of Maths, and a science subject.

Vocational experience

Prior vocational experience is an important feature of the admissions process for all veterinary programmes. 

SRUC has a mission led admissions policy and an applicant's vocational experience undertaken is an important indicator of their understanding of the veterinary profession and their alignment with the SRUC mission to support rural/remote communities and the Scottish agricultural and food industries. 

Applicants should provide detailed information about their practical experience in the appropriate section of their UCAS form and Vocational Experience Summary (only work completed by the time of expected interview can be considered).

No minimum amount of experience is required with candidates being expected to demonstrate recent and relevant practical experience in primarily large animals (farm and horses) and veterinary practice environments, in line with the school’s mission.

SRUC recognises that an individual’s opportunities are very dependent on availability and their resources and if this has not been possible, please notify us directly at outlining the problems encountered.

SRUC expects candidates to research the veterinary profession and the breadth of opportunities.  The Virtual Work Experience and Exploring the Veterinary Profession MOOC is an example of an available resource.

Vocational experience is undertaken so that applicants have some insight into veterinary practice and the associated industries but also importantly so that the individuals have experience of working with others and supporting their communities.  It is also a valuable opportunity to develop social and organisational skills, as well as experience life in rural communities.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to include other work experience they have undertaken, particularly in public facing roles (paid or voluntary) on their Vocational Experience Summary form.