To attend a full-time course for longer than six months, you must apply for a student visa. 

The course must meet UKVI requirements, such as being a SCQF level 6 or above. Not all SRUC courses are eligible to be sponsored under the Student Visa route. Please check with us. 

This guide gives you some helpful information to make a straightforward Student visa application. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with you. You must start preparing your application early and pay lots of attention to detail.

It would be best if you waited until you have obtained your Student visa before booking any non-refundable travel tickets.


Apply for your Student visa on the UK Government website. 

How to apply for a Student visa

What happens next?

Visa holder responsibilities

Both you and SRUC have specific responsibilities as a Student visa holder. 

Other helpful information

Study requirements for international students

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Living in Scotland

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