Entrepreneurial Spirit: Powering Scotland’s rural economy through innovation

SRUC’s mission is to foster a campus environment where entrepreneurial skills are not only taught but also become deeply integrated into the fabric of rural enterprise.…

  • Wayne Powell
  • 13/11/2023
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Measuring biodiversity in Scotland

A new report on approaches to measuring biodiversity in Scotland was published by the Scottish Government last month. The report was written by a team at SRUC and SAC Consulting after reviewing a range of existing biodiversity metrics and engaging interested parties across the key policy areas.…

  • Julia Mccarthy
  • 09/10/2023
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New partnership to unlock potential of South’s natural economy

SRUC and South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) have agreed a ground-breaking partnership which will aim to maximise opportunities presented by the region’s significant and diverse natural resources.…

  • SRUC
  • 04/09/2023
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New resources to help farmers manage land with beavers

The Farm Advisory Service has published new resources to help farmers learn about managing land with beavers.  …

  • Farm Advisory Service
  • 25/08/2023
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‘Game-changing moment’ for UK sheep breeding

Sheep breeding in the UK has witnessed a “game-changing moment”, following groundbreaking work on genomic breeding values (gEBVs).…

  • SRUC
  • 07/07/2023
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Africa's 'forgotten food crops' could play key role in climate change research

Researchers at SRUC, the World Vegetable Center, World Agroforestry and partner institutions have modelled how nutrient-rich forgotten food crops – crops not promoted in recent decades with the dominance of major staples – could help diversify future food systems to make them more climate-resilient and healthier.…

  • SRUC
  • 11/04/2023
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SRUC Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum – Reflections #2

The second of the Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum dinners, convened by SRUC, was held on 28 March at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.…

  • Peter Smyth and Susannah Bolton 
  • 05/04/2023
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New hedgerow and grassland management guides for farmers

New videos and practical guides have been created for farmers to help wildlife, such as pollinating insects, thrive on farms.…

  • SRUC
  • 28/03/2023
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SRUC Professor named Royal Society Fellow

Professor Davy McCracken, agricultural ecologist and Head of SRUC’s Hill & Mountain Research Centre and Integrated Land Management Department, has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.…

  • SRUC
  • 21/03/2023
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2023 – a big year for biodiversity

SRUC’s Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre has been awarded a Natural Environment Research Council grant to focus on network building for nature positive projects - between Scottish biodiversity uplift programmes happening on the ground, and the investment and private finance sector. …

  • Hannah Rudman
  • 26/01/2023
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Pine needles offer key energy solution

A real Christmas tree is the centrepiece of many households’ festive decorations but apart from filling the room with a woody fragrance, pine needles have a key role to play in addressing challenges relating to energy.…

  • SRUC
  • 15/12/2022
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SRUC Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum

In this blog piece by Dr Susannah Bolton, she reflects on a dinner held at Scotland House, in the City of London, where SRUC convened a group of people to discuss what a “just transition to a natural economy” really means.…

  • Dr Susannah Bolton
  • 01/12/2022
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