Update for PCHS clients using BVD tissue tags

We circulated an email to clients last week explaining that we will no longer be able to test Datamars Tissue Tags from 26th August 2023.

We are sorry for the short notice and inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, the robotic opener that we use to process the Typifix tags is being moved to another lab outside SRUC at the end of the month and this is out of our control!

We have had a good working relationship with Datamars for many years and understand their business decision to work with another lab but unfortunately it means that we can no longer test these tags anymore as manual opening will make the costs prohibitive.

What if I have bought Datamars Tags?
Please be assured that your tags will be tested although you will receive the results from another lab. On receipt of your tags at SRUC St Boswells we will notify you that we have received them, and they will then be uplifted by Datamars to the other lab. You should receive your results as normal.

How does that impact me if I am a Premium Cattle Health Scheme Member?
As I am sure you are aware - you have two options to maintain BVD accreditation in CHeCS (Cattle Health Certification Standards):

  • BVD tag and test the entire calf cohort in a 12 month period


  • Annual check test (blood) for BVD accreditation (5 unvaccinated, home reared animals 9-18 months of age from each management group)

Sometimes members will use both methods as they find it easier for farm management.

Please note: If you only use BVD tag and test for BVD accreditation (not annual Check Test) you must send SRUC the results with a declaration signed by yourself and your vet. If the BVD tag is tested at our SRUC lab, then there is obviously no need for this.

What about the £70 admin fee to upload results from an outside lab?
We normally charge an admin fee of £70 to check results from another lab, however if you had originally intended to send the tags to us on an SRUC submission form then we will obviously waive this fee at this time.

What tags should I use in the future?
We cannot recommend a particular type of a tag as each person has different views about usage, retention, test and cost etc., We do however recommend the more sensitive PCR test over the ELISA test if possible and we will continue to offer the PCR test in our lab.

What tags can you process in the SRUC lab?
We will continue to process the Caisley style of tags using the more sensitive PCR test. These types of tags are opened and managed by automated processes, minimising handling and enabling us to control costs.

We also process other makes of tags and if you are unsure, please contact us.

Note: SRUC carries out ELISA testing on a limited number of tags where we have to manually open the tags or where the tag ID is unreadable, and they cannot be scanned.

I hope this answers your questions and please don’t hesitate to email us or call us 01835 822456 if you are concerned about anything.

Thank you for your continued support and custom.

SRUC Veterinary Services Team

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 10/08/2023

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