MV/CAE Scheme Covid Extension

The current situation is that members who are overdue a routine MV test will have their status lapse at the end of December 2020 (i.e. one month after the end of the previously agreed September to November testing window), with status regained once the overdue test is performed. However, this testing window has coincided with the second pandemic wave and the re-imposition of various lockdown restrictions. In addition, many members do not want to handle pregnant ewes.

We propose therefore to extend status further, giving overdue members until the end of May 2021 before status will lapse. At that point, the vast majority of lambing is done and there should be fewer Covid restrictions. The date for the next test will remain what it would have been had the test been done at the original due date. As usual, any accredited animals moving flocks will require a test 6-12 months after joining the new flock, and we also recommend a point-of-purchase test. This will help to mitigate any slight increase in risk caused by the extension. We do not envisage that any further extension of status will be possible after May in order to keep the scheme robust.

If you require an extended Certificate please telephone 01835 822456 and we will check if you are eligible, please note we will require your CPH/Postcode.

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 20/11/2020