Hi I'm
Mr Thomas Fenton

  • Position: Large Animal Technician
  • Location: Craibstone Campus
  • Expertise:
    • Agriculture, Crops and Soils
    • Climate, Environment and Wildlife
    • Livestock and Fishing
    • Veterinary Medicine

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I am a Large Animal Technician at Craibstone campus, more specifically Sunnybrae Farm. Which is a farm for the School of Veterinary Medicine, including Animal Care, Vet Nursing, Equine and Rural Animal health.

I specialise in grassland management for agricultural and equine practices. During my honours degree, I researched grassland management practices and their impact on soil health indicated by earthworm population. I enjoy identification of grassland and earthworm species and correlating their relationship, looking deeper into our pastures & meadows alike.

I studied Agriculture for 5 years, across three different institutions in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Aberdeenshire. I was bought up in a part of the Buckinghamshire countryside filled with native-grass meadows and traditional farming practices, but I have never been closer to home as when in the North-East of Scotland.

My aspirations are to be involved with the wider rural communities, in volunteering and becoming a council member. I also plan to use weekends to work with horse owners improving their grassland practices and learning more about land management for equine and small farmers. I plan to be involved more in multi-disciplinary discussions, as I work closely with the many departments of SRUC and form progressive and positive relationships.

Appearing to have more time in the day that the average person, I am a long-distance runner, record collector, musician and avid hat enthusiast; rarely seen without my western-style headpiece. You can find me where the weather is cold and kettle is warm.

Areas of expertise and interests

  • Agriculture, Crops and Soils
  • Climate, Environment and Wildlife
  • Livestock and Fishing
  • Veterinary Medicine

I'm currently working on

  • Creating a grass management handbook for horse owners & crofters
  • Helping prepare SRUC’s Sunnybrae farm for vet students
  • Developing sustainable grazing systems for Sheep, horses & cattle
  • Gaining British Horse Society certificates & integrating land management knowledge with Equine

My professional highlights

  • Delivering a “grassland management for horse owners” talk to the British Horse Society.
  • Founding and leading the Nottingham Trent University Agriculture Society

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