Hi I'm
Marcus Fox

  • Position: Agricultural consultant
  • Expertise:
    • Agriculture, Crops and Soils
    • Climate, Environment and Wildlife
    • Livestock and Fishing

I am a general agricultural consultant based in the Kendal office, covering the Northwest of England. I focus on providing 1:1 advice on government grants schemes, carbon planning, business cash flows and dairy herd management. I have spent the last twelve months delivering DEFRA’s Future Farm Resilience project; providing carbon reports, business reviews and agri-environmental advice to farmers. I have worked closely with Oxbury Bank to develop business plans for new entrants and carbon mitigation reports. As a dairy specialist, with a background in cattle breeding, I submit articles regularly for Milk Manager News. I have also provided advice videos relating to dairy fertility and reducing dairy emissions for ADAS and Farming for a Better Climate.

As a BASIS-qualified advisor, I have a good understanding of how to manage soils in a sustainable way to maximise soil health and biology. Having completed a certificate in dairy herd management, I have sound knowledge of all aspects of herd management, from cow health and nutrition to financial planning. With over 10 years of experience advising on a variety of farming systems, in both current and previous job roles, I recognise the challenges faced by farm businesses regarding changing regulations, policies and environmental concerns. As such, I have used this knowledge to help farm businesses adapt to meet the demands of a changing agricultural industry. Having previously run a reproductive management service, along with prior experience as a breeding advisor, I have developed a specialism in dairy fertility and genetics. As such, I have delivered training and workshops to farmers and industry professionals, to help develop sustainable breeding programs to maximise herd genetics for improved profitability and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Areas of expertise and interests

  • Agriculture, Crops and Soils
  • Climate, Environment and Wildlife
  • Livestock and Fishing

My professional highlights

  • Delivery of Digital Dairy Chain Soil & Carbon Workshop
  • Helped to secure an agricultural mortgage offer of over £1 million

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