Hi I'm
Gareth Sliman

  • Position: Senior Laboratory Scientist
  • Location: South East Scotland

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In 2011 I joined SRUC in the Analytical Services Department (ASD) on the bush estate. Due to my previous experience in environmental testing, such as ICP-MS and ICP-OES, I was able to use that knowledge to transition into the agricultural aspect of ASD.  Here I worked in a range of sections within the departments such as the Wet Chemistry and Biochemistry departments, which introduced veterinary testing.

In 2014 I was made Senior Scientist of the Instrumental Chemistry Department which is responsible for all of the elemental testing the lab performs on a variety of sample types including soils, veterinary tissues, plants and animal feeds.

I have spent much of my time in this role streamlining the testing and introducing blood tests, such as total Selenium and Manganese.

I am currently working on a new method of sample digestion which will hopefully significantly reduce the time needed to prepare samples for analysis whilst also producing a cleaner digestion.

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