Ogilvy Spirits

Brought to you by SRUC alum Graeme Jarron
Graeme studied Agriculture at SRUC Aberdeen

Ogilvy Distillery produces award winning potato vodka and can be found nestled in the heart of Angus. Ogilvy’s potatoes are grown a short tractor ride from where they’re transformed into our premium spirit. First opened in 2014 with sustainability at the heart of our philosophy.

Come enjoy our Visitor Centre and share a farm and distillery tour to experience our potato vodka from ground to glass.

  • What's on offer: Food & drink, Online sales, Shop, Tours
  • Location: Central Scotland, Online

Get in touch:

Hatton of Ogilvy Farm, Glamis, Forfar DD8 1UH

Facebook: @ogilvyvodka

Instagram: @ogilvyvodka

Twitter: @ogilvyvodka

TikTok: @ogilvy_farm_distillery

Ogilvy Spirits

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