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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Bill Crooks


Nutrient management and diffuse pollution specialist providing technical and regulation outreach services to Scottish farmers.  Manager of SAC Soil Check services which provides interpretation of soil analysis and soil management consultancy to commercial clients. Project Leader for PLANET Scotland.   Consultancy provision on soil and water management issues to the commercial sector.   Diffuse pollution researcher and project manager.  Practical research to support policy development requirements of the Scottish Government.  Lecture on environmental issues in agriculture to students at a range of higher education standards. Guest lecturer on Agricultural environmental issues.  Manager of Holms Field Long-term Sludge Trial.  Research on the effective use of Bulky Organic Fertiliser and  Phosphorous fertilisers. Waste use in agricultural.

Areas of expertise

  • Nutrient Management & Diffuse Pollution
  • Soil Analysis
  • Soil & Water Management
  • Waste to Land

Contact Details 

Senior Consultant

Telephone: 01292 525 377