Students look to the future at careers event


More than 400 students visited SRUC’s annual careers event at Elmwood this month to explore opportunities with around 50 organisations.

The exhibitors, ranging from main sponsors Aviagen and Australia Working Adventures, to representatives from rural sector industries and the volunteering and education sectors, offered information, advice and, in some cases, the chance of securing a work placement and paid employment.

The theme of the event was sustainability and many stalls promoted reusable resources and the negative impact plastic has on the environment.

Nikki McIntosh, a lecturer at Elmwood, said: “While some visitors were initially unsure of the relevance of demonstrating plastic-free living at a careers event, they quickly realised how they could take some of the ideas forward to their prospective careers, ultimately supporting more workplaces to consider sustainable options.”

Cupar councillor Tony Miklinski was shown around by Director of Marketing, Digital and Communications Caroline Bysh and Academic Enhancement Lead Alison Boyle. He also visited the new animal care unit.

He said: "SRUC was really buzzing and I had some fascinating and informative exchanges with many of the students and staff manning the stalls.

“I also really enjoyed visiting the residents of the new animal care unit where students are learning how to clean, feed and provide health care for reptiles, rabbits, birds and insects.

“I congratulate the staff for making this day so successful and for the much-valued contribution Elmwood continues to make to the community.”

Student Kate Salter, who is studying for an NC in Horticulture, said: “The event was informative and there were lots of employment opportunities. There were also many ideas for future careers that I hadn’t thought about.”

Cole Duffy, who is studying for a Level 1 Diploma in Professional Cookery, said: “There was great diversity from poultry and agriculture to manufacturing and environmental issues, and a lot of fantastic opportunities that I hope people will act upon.

“I gained an opportunity in butchery from Dunbia which I would never have got if I hadn’t gone to this event.”

Scottish Government representative and Principal Agricultural Officer Gregor Caldwell said: “The event was a huge success and I have had really good feedback from our team who were there on the day.”

James Spence Watson, from Landscape Institute Scotland, said: “We received enquiries about becoming a landscape architect and were also able to explain what landscape architecture is to those who had never heard of the profession.”

Posted by SRUC on 20/02/2020

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