SRUC Decision Notice


Section 24 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 ("Act")

In response to a PARTICIPATION REQUEST submitted by Elie and Earlsferry Community Council ("E&E CC") to Scotland's Rural College ("SRUC") under Section 22 of the Act on 19 March 2024 ("Request").

E&E CC is a “community participation body” in terms of Section 20(1) of the Act and SRUC is a “public service authority” in terms of Section 21 and Schedule 2 of the Act.


  1. Outline of the Request
  1.  E&E CC want to challenge the decision made by SRUC to close and demolish the main SRUC campus building at Elmwood College.

  2. E&E CC have requested to start a dialogue with SRUC to improve educational outcomes for the SRUC students in Fife through improved access to local land-based courses at Elmwood College (run by SRUC). This is in response to the closure of some local courses and services by SRUC.

  3. E&E CC also wish to be involved in the decision-making process and contribute their ideas for change and improvement in the redesign of the educational offerings at Elmwood College.

  1. Proposed outcome improvement process - SRUC Elmwood evidence based skills & lifelong learning workshop

Having considered the Request in terms of the criteria set down in Section 24 of the Act SRUC has decided to agree to participate in an outcome improvement process in respect of objectives B. and C. of the Request. SRUC declines to participate in objective A. of the Request as the decision on the retained campus operations has been made and is being implemented. In order to be of benefit, outcome discussions should focus on the future use of the retained estate as well as external partnerships and asset sharing.   


Building on SRUC’s foundation plans for the future of SRUC Elmwood, SRUC will engage with E&E CC in an evidence based skills and lifelong learning workshop, to identify how E&E CC could best support SRUC with next steps for SRUC Elmwood.


SRUC is the decision making organisation before, during and on conclusion of the workshop.


The outputs from the workshop can be shared with other parties only with written agreement from the Principal and CEO of SRUC.


All communications and contact with press or media organisations must be agreed in advance with SRUC’s Chief Communications Officer.


The workshop will inform SRUC and E&E CC of evidence based options for future skills and lifelong learning provision at SRUC Elmwood which are achievable within the sustainable resource and infrastructure options identified by SRUC’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT).


SRUC will welcome any new skills and lifelong learning ideas and options which are deemed to be achievable within the sustainable resource and infrastructure options identified by SRUC’s ELT.


SRUC ELT will require E&E CC to provide names of attendees and their role with the CC in advance of the workshop, including any access requirements.


E&E CC are strongly advised to select workshop representatives from its membership who hold relevant and up to date Scottish FE and HE skills and lifelong learning knowledge and experience to ensure a productive and informed discussion.


SRUC will request that SRUC Student's Association (SA) arranges appropriate student representation for the workshop. SRUCSA will ensure that student representatives at the workshop hold appropriate knowledge and experience.


SRUC will identify a suitable date and location for the workshop in summer 2024 (which shall be within 90 calendar days of the date of this Decision Notice) and will inform E&E CC of the required representation from the E&E CC.


The parties represented at the workshop will be SRUC, SRUCSA and E&E CC only. People and organisations who are not listed as official members of SRUC, SRUCSA and E&E CC will not be permitted to participate.


SRUC is committed to allocating staff resource to the workshop on the proviso that the approach must be evidence driven.


SRUC may elect to use workshop data and outcomes for other purposes.


SRUC will notify SRUCSA and E&E CC of the Chair, date, time and location of the workshop at least ten working days in advance of the workshop.


SRUC will clarify the number of attendees required from each organisation to support a balanced discussion at least ten working days in advance of the workshop.


SRUC will require a written list of E&E CC and SRUCSA attendees at least five working days in advance of the workshop.


SRUC will provide an agenda and list of confirmed attendees at least three working days in advance of the workshop.


SRUC will collate workshop outcomes and skills & lifelong learning improvements identified by the community participation workshop within fifteen working days of workshop completion.


E&E must seek SRUC approval prior to sharing any evidence based workshop outcomes with other parties.


In terms of Section 26(2) of the Act E&E CC can make written representations in relation to the proposed outcome improvement process to SRUC within 28 days of the date of this Decision Notice.


Yours sincerely,

Professor Wayne Powell

Posted by SRUC on 05/06/2024

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