Elmwood Consultation

From 31 May a consultation process involving the SRUC Executive Leadership Team, the staff based at SRUC’s Elmwood Campus and the trade unions will begin in order to consider the most sustainable model for this campus moving forward. At present Elmwood is operating at a significant deficit which is caused, in particular, by two areas of campus: the golf course and the student residences, and consideration over whether these areas should remain a part of the campus will be the focus of the upcoming consultation.  

SRUC is experiencing a time of great change as we develop and enhance our institution and, given the current financial climate, we must give careful consideration to ensuring budget is spent where it will be most beneficial to the institution, to the continued successful operation of Elmwood Campus as part of SRUC’s overall place-based strategy, and in providing quality of opportunities and experience to our students. Updates following the consultation will be made available in due course. 

Posted by SRUC on 31/05/2023