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Dr Shailesh Shrestha

Research Interests

Shailesh ShresthaI joined SRUC in September 2012 as an agricultural policy analyst. Before coming to SRUC, I worked as an agricultural economist first at RERC,TEAGASC (Ireland) and later on at the IPTS, JRC-EU Commission (Spain). In the past, I also have worked as a lecturer in the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur and as a veterinarian/policy analyst in the Livestock Services Department, Nepal. In addition, I also worked as a visiting academic at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I hold a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from University of Nottingham and a master’s degree in Tropical Animal Production from Wageningen University.

My research interest lies in impact assessment of changes that directly and indirectly affect agricultural farms such as changes in policies, market and climate. I am also keen on looking at the farm’s responses to such changes. I specialise in farm level modelling and farm system analysis.

Past Research Projects

  • GENEDEC (2004-2006), a FP6 funded project which examined the impact of decoupling of farm payments in EU agricultural
  • Irish Milk Quota project (2006-2008), funded by the Stimulus Research Fund, Ireland. This project  examined the effects of removal of milk quota on Irish dairy farms
  • Irish Climate change project (2008-2010), funded by the Stimulus Research Fund, Ireland. This project analysed the impacts of climate change on Irish farms and identified optimal farm responses under those changes
  • EU-Mercosur Trade Agreements (2010-2011), an EU commissioned project which examined the impacts of the potential trade agreements on EU agriculture
  • PESETA 2 (2009-2012), a JRC funded project which analysed the impacts of climate change on EU agriculture at a regional level
  • AFO-CC (2010-2012), an EU commissioned project which examined the GHG emissions from agricultural and forestry sectors in the EU.

Selected Publications

    • Vosough Ahmadi, B., Shrestha, S., Thomson, S.G., Barnes, A.P., A.W. Stott (2015). Impacts of greening measures and flat rate regional payments of the Common Agricultural Policy on Scottish beef and sheep farms. The Journal of Agricultural Science, p. 1-13.  Full Text
    • S Shrestha, M Abdalla, T Hennessy, D Forristal and M Jones, 2014. Irish farms under climate change – is there a regional variation on farm responses? Journal of Agricultural Science. Full Text
    • S Shrestha, T Hennessy, M Abdalla, D Forristal and M Jones, 2014. Determining responses of Irish dairy farms under climate change. German Journal of Agricultural Economics 63: 143-155 Full Text
    • V Eory, M MacLeod, S Shrestha and D Roberts, 2014. Linking an economic and a biophysical model to support farm GHG mitigation policy. German Journal of Agricultural Economics 63: 133-142. Full Text
    • A Burrell, M Himics, B Van Doorslaer, P Ciaian and S Shrestha (2014). EU sugar policy: a sweet transition after 2015? JRC Scientific and Policy Reports. European Commission. (Link)
    • Ciscar JC, Feyen L, Soria A, Lavalle C, Raes F, Perry M, Nemry F, Demirel H, Rozsai M, Dosio A, Donatelli M, Srivastava A, Fumagalli D, Niemeyer S, Shrestha S, Ciaian P, Himics M, Van Doorslaer B, Barrios S, Ibáñez N, Forzieri G, Rojas R, Bianchi A, Dowling P, Camia A, Libertà G, San Miguel J, de Rigo D, Caudullo G, Barredo J-I, Paci D, Pycroft J, Saveyn B, Van Regemorter D, Revesz T, Vandyck T, Vrontisi Z, Baranzelli C, Vandecasteele I, Batista e Silva F, Ibarreta D (2014). Climate impacts in Europe: the JRC PESETA II project. European Commission. (Link)
    • S Shrestha, P Ciaian, M Himics and B Van Doorslaer, 2013. Impacts of climate change on EU agriculture. Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 16 (2): 24-39.

    Selected Conference Papers

    • S Shrestha, B Vosough Ahmadi, S Thomson and A Barnes, 2014. An assessment of the post 2015 CAP reforms: winners and losers in Scottish farming. 88th Annual Conference, 9-11 April, 2014, Paris, France
    • B Vosough Ahmadi, S Shrestha, S G. Thomson, A P. Barnes and A W. Stott, 2014. Health, welfare and profitability in Scottish sheep farms: assessing the impacts of CAP 2015 reforms. 88th Annual Conference, 9-11 April, 2014, Paris, France
    • A Barnes, S Shrestha, S Thomson, L Toma, K Mathews, L A Sutherland, 2014. Comparing visions for CAP reform post 2015: Farmer intentions and farm bio-economic modelling. FACCE MACSUR Mid-term Scientific Conference, Sassari, April 01-04, 2014
    • M. Blanco, M. Adenauer,  S. Shrestha and A. Becker, 2013. Methodology to assess EU Biofuel Policies: The CAPRI Approach. JRC Scientific and Policy Report, EU Commission (Full text)
    • A. Burrell, E. Ferrari, A. González Mellado, M. Himics, J. Michalek, S. Shrestha and B. Van Doorslaer , 2011. Potential EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement: Impact Assessment. JRC Report, EU Commission (Full text)
    • T. Hennessy, S. Shrestha, L. Shalloo and M. Wallace, 2009. The Inefficiencies of Regionalised Milk Quota Trade. Journal of Agricultural Economics. 60: 334-347
    • S. Shrestha, T. Hennessy and S. Hynes, 2007. The Effect of Decoupling on Farming in Ireland: A Regional Analysis. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research. 46: 1-13
    • S. Shrestha, P. Ciaian, M. Himics and B. Van Doorslaer, 2012. Regional impacts of climate change on EU agriculture., 28th ICAE, August 18-24, 2012, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
    • P. Ciaian and S. Shrestha, 2012. Farm Level Impacts of CAP 'Greening'. EcoMod2012, International Conference on Economic Modeling.  July 4-6, 2012. Seville, Spain
    • M. Himics, B. Van Doorslaer, S. Shrestha and P. Ciaian, 2012. An Uncertainty Analysis of Production Costs in the EU Agriculture. EcoMod2012, International Conference on Economic Modeling.  July 4-6, 2012. Seville, Spain

    Dr Shailesh Shrestha


    Address: Land Economy, Environment & Society, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

    Telephone: 0131 535 4099

    Fax: 01315354345