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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Samantha Dolan


I am a Soils Consultant specialising in environmental/ soil chemistry. My interests are in soil phosphorus (P) dynamics and soil pH control, soil and crop nutrient management, fertiliser use, water quality and agricultural sustainability. Responsibilities include supporting colleagues in the delivery of soil, nutrient and waste management focused consultancy work, to provide and promote Scottish Government funded advice on a range of soil related issues and to organise appropriate extension activities (for example supporting the FAS Soils and Nutrient Network and Farming for a Better Climate initiatives), assist with delivery of knowledge transfer and exchange material to the agricultural and land use sector in collaboration with SRUC researchers, educators and consultants, and support the development and promotion of new soil focused consultancy products.

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental/ Soil Chemistry
  • Phosphorus (P) Dynamics and soil pH
  • Technical Writing
  • Research Methods and Experimental Design

Contact Details 

Soils Consultant

Telephone: +44 1292525088