The Scottish Government provides around £48 million of funding each year towards a programme of strategic Rural Affairs, Food, and Environment (RAFE) science and research, and is one of the largest funders of agri-environmental research in UK. Most of this research is carried out through the Scottish Environmental, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), of which SRUC is one.

The Rural Policy Centre is responsible for a variety of research deliverables and knowledge exchange outcomes within this strategic research programme under Work Package 3.4, titled 'Communities and Wellbeing. More information on our work in these areas can be found below:

Research Deliverable 3.4.1: Demographic change in remote areas

Case studies of island repopulation initiatives

More details to come

Research Deliverable 3.4.2: Place-based policy and implications for policy service delivery

More details to come

Research Deliverable 3.4.4: Local assets, local decisions, community resilience

More details to come