Outdoor pig husbandry manual

The P.I.G have produced a stockperson’s guide to farrowing for all outdoor pig keepers.

It contains guidance for best practice from setting up the farrowing paddock to weaning the piglets. There are links to nest-building and farrowing videos and what to keep an eye on to prevent problems.

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Pig factsheets

SRUC Research and SAC Veterinary Services have produced a range of factsheets summarising projects, offering top management tips and veterinary services.

Click on the links below to view factsheets:

Piglet Survival Factsheet 1 - Stillbirth
Piglet Survival Factsheet 2 - Live-born mortality
GreenPig Project
Pig Aggression

Pig e-newsletters

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Meet the team

The Pig Information Group has representatives from SAC Consulting, SRUC Education and Research.

SAC Consulting
  • George Chalmers - Turriff 
  • Ross McKenzie - Skye
  • Iain Riddell - Perth 
Veterinary Services
  • Hannah Orr - Aberdeen
SRUC Education and Research
  • Anna Sinclair - Aberdeen
  • Prof Jill Thomson - Edinburgh
  • Dr Emma Baxter - Edinburgh
  • Prof Jos Houdijk - Edinburgh

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