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Dr Paul Hargreaves

Grassland Researcher
Future Farming Systems - Dairy Research and Innovation Centre

Research interests 

  • Soil Structure and Soil Compaction
  • Soil Physical Processes
  • Controlled Traffic in Grassland
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Atmospheric Chemistry from grassland production
  • Improvements in Grassland Yield and Quality
  • Agroecology: Development of sustainable land use for Scottish agricultural systems and organising demonstrations on farm

Selected research projects

  • AHDB Dairy Soil Compaction and Grassland Yield
    Investigating the effect of soil compaction on the yield of grassland
  • Effect of Controlled Traffic on the yield of a grassland sward from re-seed
    Controlled traffic methods on retaining yield and the sustainability of a grass and red clover sward to compaction
  • Development of Field Tools for Grassland Soil Quality
    Field assessment tool development and pocket booklet to help with grassland management
  • Agroecology: Workshops explaining and defining and on farm demonstrations
    Defining agroecology for Scotland and bring research in to farm practice


I have organised a number of one day courses on soil, soil structure and remediation.
Teaching of soil structure and demonstration soil physical assessment methods to international MSC Students at ISARA Lyon, France

PhD students

  • Mark Swaine
    Managing the impact of grassland nitrous oxide emissions through improved understanding of soil microbial communities. Nottingham University.

Selected Publications

  • Hargreaves, PR, Peets, S, Chamen, WCT, Misiewicz, PA, White, DR, Godwin, RJ (2016). Controlled Traffic Farming:  Methods applied to Grassland Silage Management. Report for AHDB Dairy Grasslands, Forage and Soils Research Partnership, Stoneleigh, UK
  • Hargreaves, P.R., Roberts, D.J. and Ball, B.C. (2015). Effect of soil alleviation methods on grass yield. Proceedings of the 12th British Grassland Society Research Conference.
  • Ball, BC, Batey, T, Munkholm, LJ, Guimaraes, RML, Boizard, H, McKenzie, DC, Peigne, J, Tormena CA, Hargreaves, PR (2015). The numeric visual evaluation of subsoil structure (SubVESS) under agricultural production. Soil & Tillage Research, 148, 85-96
  • SRUC, ADAS, Newcastle University, AHDB Beef and Lamb, AHDB Dairy (2015). Healthy Grassland Soils – Pocketbook. Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board,
  • Hargreaves, PR, Rees, RM, Horgan, GW, Ball, BC (2015). Size and Persistence of Nitrous Oxide Hot-Spots in Grazed and Ungrazed Grassland. Environment and Natural Resources Research, 5, 1-15

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Dr Paul Hargreaves

Grassland Researcher

Address: Future Farming Systems, SRUC Dairy Research and Innovation Centre, Hestan House, Crichton, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway DG1 4TA

Telephone: 01387 263 961

Fax: Mobile: 07717 272178