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Students at Scotland’s Rural College Elect New Presidential Team

Published Wednesday, 25th June 2014 in Study at SRUC news

Alex Robb and Briony Dall SRUCSA

Students at Scotland’s Rural College have elected their new presidential team.

Briony Dall from Glenrothes, has just completed her HNC in Animal Care at the SRUC Elmwood campus and is the new President of the SRUC Students' Association. SRUCSA Vice President is Aberdonian Alex Robb, who studied for his honours degree in Sustainable Environmental Management at SRUC’s Craibstone campus.

The two sabbatical, full time posts are salaried. The new pairing takes up the reins from Cameron Law and Marcus Murray who were the first ever joint presidential “team” at SRUC, representing students across all six campuses where SRUC has 2,500 full time and 6,000 part time students.

For Briony (20), who has already served as her class representative at SRUC Elmwood, the distances involved will be a challenge, until she passes her driving test!

“I regard the job as a fantastic opportunity”, she says. “Communication is vitally important. With so much change going on the whole student body needs to be kept in touch. That covers students following entry level courses through to PhD. It is not easy but we have some ideas for engaging them more.”

In addition to student activities and interaction with the National Union of Students the Student President serves on the full SRUC Board, the Vice President on the Research Board representing research students and both members of the team serve on the Education Board and various other sub committees.

The retiring team Cameron and Marcus have worked hard during their term to implement a new structure for the Students’ Association and formalise academic representation. They believe the creation of Campus Officers during 2013/14 has marked significant progress.

“An elected student is the senior Students’ Association representative at their campus. They help facilitate extra-curricular student activities and represent their students at local meetings like the Dean’s Group. In recognition of their hard work they get paid 7 hours a week by SRUCSA”, says Cameron.

For new Vice President Alex Robb (21) his election is a chance to give something back:

“For the last three years I was class rep on the Students' Association and it taught me a lot. My new job will help me develop new skills, but it is also a chance for me to make a contribution to the work of SRUCSA.

“Following the merger there is still an identity issue for students. They are part of the whole SRUC but still have loyalties to their own course and local campus. Through SRUCSA we hope they can express that individuality but be very much part of the wider student body.”

Briony and Alex will be working closely with Cameron and Marcus over the next few weeks during the handover period. It will ensure continuity in SRUCSA activities.

“Marcus and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Briony and Alex the best of luck as their time as Sabbatical Officers” says Cameron. “We have complete faith that they will continue to build on the successes of SRUCSA in the coming year.”

To contact Briony Dall phone 07578 160400 or email

For Alex Robb phone 07972 917850 or email

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