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“Highly Commended” for PhD Student Sokratis

Published Wednesday, 4th June 2014 in Research news

Sokratis Ptochos

A presentation, made to the recent British Society of Animal Science conference in Nottingham, by second year PhD student Sokratis Ptochos of SRUC Disease Systems, won him a certificate and prize.

His award, for members of BSAS presenting their first or second research paper, was judged “Highly Commended” for its clarity, scientific content and interpretation.

Sokratis’ research project is named “Environmental change impacts on sheep parasitism”. He is studying Teladorsagia circumcincta, the most common gastrointestinal nematode of sheep which causes parasitic gastroenteritis. He is looking at how the nematode reacts under different environmental conditions and how the behaviour and immunological responses of sheep infected with the worm vary in different climatic scenarios.

“In my presentation I showed that environmental conditions may modify the rate of gastrointestinal nematode infectivity in small ruminants,” said Sokratis. “Depending on the climatic conditions the host animal like a sheep may be at a higher or lower risk of infection, which affects the impact the parasite has on its performance and welfare.”

Sokratis won £50 and a certificate for his presentation. The cheque he received this year, his certificate he will pick up at next year’s conference dinner.

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