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Davy McCracken Runs for the Hills

Published Thursday, 19th September 2013 in Research news

Davy McCracken RPC Associate

Professor Davy McCracken will succeed Dr Tony Waterhouse as Head of SRUC’s Hill and Mountain Research Centre.

Tony, who has been a vital part of SRUC’s work in this area, is keen to now focus more on farming systems research and knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE).

SRUC Head of Research, Professor Geoff Simm, says: “Davy has long been an asset to Scotland’s Rural College and his wealth of experience and specialist knowledge makes him the ideal candidate to lead this increasingly important area of research and KTE.”

Davy is Professor of Agricultural Ecology and currently leads SRUC’s Sustainable Ecosystems Research Team. He is one of the leading agricultural ecologists of his generation, with over 20 years experience researching the relationships between farming systems and farmland biodiversity – an increasingly important element of European (and other) agricultural policies.

Davy says: “I began my career as an upland ecologist and these farming systems are important from both a production and ecosystem services perspective. My experience, particularly in that latter area, and my commitment to interdisciplinary and collaborative working, will hopefully help build an already successful research centre further.”

Throughout his career, Davy has been a very active member of many Scottish, UK and EU expert panels concerned with biodiversity. His work has included investigating the use of buffer strips on river margins, and a range of other grazing management techniques to promote wildlife. Davy is also a leading architect of the concept of High Nature Value Farming, which is now embedded in EU Agricultural Policy.

Davy says: “This role is going to be an interesting challenge, and it’s one I am looking forward to.”

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