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SRUC Student Sarah Rauch-Lynch Joins Scotland TranServe

Published Wednesday, 30th January 2013 in Study at SRUC news

Sarah Rauch-Lynch

A fourth year Sustainable Environmental Management student has just joined Scotland TranServ which provides highways management and maintenance services in Scotland’ s north west.

Sarah Rauch-Lynch is to be one of the companies Environmental Specialists.

On leaving school Sarah had a “chequered” history of work, from providing respite care, equestrian work in Northern Ireland, assisting in a Vet clinic, volunteering in Countryside roles and even waitressing. However in 2008  she enrolled at  Oatridge, now a campus of SRUC, to study for an HND in Environmental and Countryside Management. On gaining her Diploma  she moved to Ayr and SRUC’s Riverside Campus to join Year 3 of the BSc (Hons) Sustainable Environmental Management programme.

Sarah says that, for her the highlight of her course has been the practical experience. Sarah says,

“The course is so applicable to real life situations – lots of scope therefore for different jobs”. 

When Sarah started her studies she thought she would like to be a Countryside Ranger but the course broadened her ideas and opened up the possibility of other opportunities. Through the summer Sarah gained work with TranServ and was able to start using her academic knowledge in a paid position. After returning to complete the 4th year of her course she saw a vacancy with TranServ in Inverness and applied for it.

“Having had the experience as a student worker I was well placed to compete for the job when I saw it advertised”.

Sarah has negotiated a transfer to complete her Honours course through the SRUC campus in Aberdeen which is nearer Inverness. She is also really pleased that she can align her dissertation topic on otters, an issue that is both close to her heart but also key to her new role where she will be surveying and monitoring the impact of road schemes and carrying out environmental impact assessments.

Her topic: “An investigation into The Effectiveness of current Mitigation measures on trunk Roads to Reduce European Otter (Lutra lutra) Mortality and identification of the key constraints to their implementation and monitoring” was developed while working in the summer.

Sarah is pleased the study flexibility SRUC offers means she can integrate course work with her new job while maintaining her personal motivation:

“I realise that we do have to use natural resources . But that can have a considerable effect on the environment, so  it is important that we do all we can  to protect them into the future.’

Sarah’s experience is a great example of how the SRUC courses she has been taking successfully bring together the academic and practical skills employers want from work-ready graduates. She wants to extend her education.

Sarah’s beliefs, commitment and work ethic combined with the relevant course offered by SRUC have placed her well to achieve her goals and a successful career in the Environmental Sector in Scotland.

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