SRUC research to explore how best to adapt to climate change

Published Wednesday, 5th December 2012 in Research news

An SRUC project – led by Professor Dominic Moran – will explore the economics of so-called ‘no regrets’ climate change adaptation measures in farming.

The world is on course for an average temperature rise of two degrees, which, in some places will mean an actual increase of six degrees. In Scotland, as well as the changing temperature, the heavy rainfalls we have been seeing recently could become more frequent, and farmers will need to be aware of these changes in order to thrive. Not only will such preparations help their businesses endure the coming changes, they could actually offer a chance for growth.

“No regrets’ measures are the things that it is good to do whatever the climate future,” Professor Moran explains. “So, some farmers might want to consider the types of plants or animals they are producing; are they robust to drought or flood? Or they might want to allow a bit of land to flood as a way of saving themselves from more damaging floods on the whole farm.”

“Change is already happening, something that governments are keen to stress to farmers. This project will give them some ideas on how best to change their practices to suit.”

A grant of £75,000 been awarded to Professor Moran by the Committee on Climate Change, the independent body that advises the UK Government, to carry out the research. The results will be reported to the Committee in April 2013. 

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