James Takes on New Task

Published Wednesday, 5th December 2012 in Research news

Dr James Fountaine

Edinburgh based SRUC Plant Pathologist Dr. James Fountaine is to join the Board of the British Society of Plant Pathology.

He will serve a three year term with BSPP which is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation that organises scientific conferences on plant disease and publishes three scientific journals, Plant Pathology, Molecular Plant Pathology and New Disease Reports.

While James’ own research within SRUC Crop and Soil Systems is largely involved with Rhynchosporium, Ramularia and other crop diseases, the BSPP exists to promote the science of plant pathology in all its branches. It recently published an audit of plant pathology training and teaching in the UK and found fewer than half the institutions teaching biology, agriculture or forestry now offer course in plant pathology.

Citing the recent Ash Dieback outbreak as an example of the type of threats to British plants and crops the BSPP argued that too many of the existing plant disease experts are over fifty with few too succeed them.

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