SRUC's fundraising antics for Children in Need

Published Wednesday, 28th November 2012 in Campuses & Offices news

Children in Need

Once again Children in Need has swept in and out of our lives and pockets and once again SRUC staff have laid aside their dignity in favour of raising money for this inspiring charity.

Sites throughout Scotland organised activities, not all with the aim of embarrassing senior staff, and in total, after management doubled our donations, SRUC raised £3,000!

In Edinburgh the Staff Association organised a University Challenge style quiz with staff members taking on various roles including the campus queen and the goth. Twenty people were nominated to take part in the quiz with the SRUC public paying for the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The final lucky eight chosen to take part were Dominic Moran – the Rugby Type, Jenny Thomson – the Geek, Donald Mitchell – the Child Prodigy, Mike Smith – the Campus Queen, James Fountaine – the Goth, Linda Whillans – the (environmental) Activist, Willie Gibson – the Toff and Steven Stewart – the Mature Student.

Disorder descended on a packed KB Arcade as soon as the competitors trooped out to loud cheers, and occasional jeers. It was team Shrek against team Sruc neck and neck most of the way as they struggled to answer questions such as ‘what was Capability Brown’s first name?’ (Lancelot) and ‘who was the grandfather of Greek god Zeus?’ (Uranus)

Finally, Shrek shambled past the finishing line with a winning score of 106, Sruc not far behind with a respectable 102.

The fun wasn’t to end there though; delicious cakes and bakes donated by staff were quickly bought, paid for and gobbled up, while our University Challenge host Oliver Knox auctioned off watches and wines.

It was a truly excellent job all round by Staff Association members Steven Thomson, Sarah Hall, Oliver Knox, Jarlath Flynn, Neil Ramsay, Shareth Ganesan and Donna Ewen.

Oatridge Campus’s efforts were just as remarkable. Not only did they have collection tins, a tombola, a bake sale and a bottle raffle, they can also boast a Student President, Ross Mercer, happy to be used as a target for wet sponges. A privilege students and staff were only too happy to pay for. Sadly their sponsored car wash was cancelled due to a technical fault (the power washer was broken) but it will go ahead at a later date.

A special mention has to go to Shirley Kirkpatrick –Student Services Advisor – who worked incredibly hard to make the event a success. She spent two nights baking at home, collected all the tombola prizes (donated by staff and their families), arranged the stalls in the hall, blew up numerous balloons and manned the stalls on the day.

Also lending a hand with the tombola and raffle were Alex Warnock, Kitty Richardson, Jennifer Murphy and Lauren Rankin while Kenneth Gray and members of Shirley’s family were a real help with baking all the goodies and then selling them at the stall.

Down in Ayr, Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and their trusty hound Gnasher terrorised staff out of their hard earned cash in the name of Children in Need. Sharon Cowan and Dawn Black from the Education Office catapulted their way though the office doors of unsuspecting lecturing staff, refusing to leave until they had paid up. In the meantime, Senior Tutor Alison Murray sold some tasty treats, kindly donated by the University of the West of Scotland. Other members of staff donned comedy hats and jumpers, while the vast majority (including all staff at Auchincruive) were very happy to donate funds in order to avoid having to wear outrageous costumes.

Many thanks to SRUC staff throughout Scotland who participated so enthusiastically and donated so generously.    

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