Dairy Farmers Asked to Complete SRUC Survey

Published Wednesday, 28th November 2012 in Research news

SRUC has launched a survey of Scotland’s dairy farmers to investigate their views on practices that may improve their businesses’ financial and environmental performance.

The survey is part of SRUC-led research funded by the Scottish Government. The findings, which are due to be published in Summer 2013, will help inform the design of advice and incentive schemes to help dairy farmers become more efficient and productive while reducing their farms’ environmental impact.

SRUC Research’s Dr Klaus Glenk is leading the study. He said:  “We all know that dairy farming is facing significant challenges due to market pressures and increasingly demanding environmental standards. To address these challenges, farmers may adopt new practices that will improve their farms’ financial and environmental performance.

“But we don’t know exactly how farmers view such practices when it comes to their own farms or what they are actually doing already - our survey aims to find out. The results will inform SRUC and the Scottish Government about areas where advice or incentive systems might be particularly beneficial, all with the ultimate aim of helping Scottish dairy farmers become more efficient and productive. It is important that we get a good response from dairy farmers to make sure that the results thoroughly represent their opinions.”

The questionnaire, which is being posted out to farmers this week, asks them to evaluate a series of farm practices in terms of their impact on their businesses’ financial and environmental performance. Topics covered include fertiliser use; manure and its storage; feeding and ration management; biosecurity; herd management; milking frequency and land drainage.

All those who return the short questionnaire will be entered into a shopping voucher prize draw.

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