Hopes for Smooth Start to South Lanarkshire Rural Oil Club

Published Wednesday, 28th November 2012 in SAC Consulting news

A new scheme is being launched to help South Lanarkshire businesses tackle the ever-increasing cost of heating oil.

The Rural Oil Club is being initiated by SAC Consulting (a Division of SRUC) on behalf of Scottish Enterprise. The aim is to bring together local businesses so they can win discounts from suppliers by collectively ordering their heating oil. If the South Lanarkshire pilot scheme takes off, more clubs will be established across Scotland.

An open meeting is being held in South Lanarkshire on 16 January 2013 (venue to be confirmed) to allow interested local businesses to discuss how they would like to run the club. SAC Consulting will provide support and guidance and help identify one local business that might be interested in taking on the club’s administration after the eight month pilot period.

SAC Consulting’s Kate Hutchinson explained: “Heating oil is used by many businesses, especially in more rural areas. Oil costs about 60p per litre, so the bills of even small to medium-sized businesses can be significant, especially during the winter months.

“Rural oil clubs have already taken off in England, where more than 50 clubs are securing healthy savings for their members. But we are not simply aiming to replicate an existing model – we are starting from scratch to ensure that the structure of the South Lanarkshire club is based on the needs of local businesses.”

All aspects of the club will be up for discussion at the open meeting, including its constitution, membership fees, rules and administration.

In addition to the benefits of reduced oil bills, club members will have the chance to attend free SAC Consulting workshops offering independent advice on renewable energy options for their businesses.

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