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Published Monday, 8th April 2019 in Research news

PhD students Alex Morris, Aluna Chawala, Harriet Bunning and Rachel Peden
PhD students Alex Morris, Aluna Chawala, Harriet Bunning and Rachel Peden

Nearly 50 postgraduate students presented their work at a two-day conference showcasing research at Scotland’s Rural College.

Third-year PhD students competed for the best oral presentation prize, while second-year students were judged on the most effective poster, at the annual SRUC Postgraduate Conference.

First-year PhD students also gave ten-minute oral presentations.

The presentations and posters demonstrated the wide range of work going on at SRUC, from modelling the impacts of climate change on European pastures to monitoring the reproductive status of dairy cows using oestrus detection technologies.

Joint-winners of the oral paper competition, selected by a panel of judges, were Harriet Bunning, who is modelling crossbreeding strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Aluna Chawala, who has been investigating famer-led breeding goals in his home country of Tanzania.

They will represent SRUC at the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI) PhD competition in May.

Runners-up were Rachel Peden, who is researching the physical impact of pig aggression, and Jorie Knook, who presented his research assessing the effectiveness of a participatory extension programme by video.

The poster prize, selected by popular vote, was awarded to Alex Morris for her poster exploring whether behaviour change in livestock can be used as an indicator of parasite infection.

Presenting the prizes, Head of Research Professor Eileen Wall, said: “The competition highlighted the wide range of research across all the activities covered by SRUC.

“I was impressed by the confident set of presentations, many highlighting the impact of the research for both science and industry.

“It was also good to see several former and current members of staff participating, highlighting our professional development in practice.”

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