Mongolia takes lessons from Scotland’s Rural College

Published Monday, 25th February 2019 in Study at SRUC news

Mongolian visitors touring SRUC's Elmwood campus
Mongolian visitors touring SRUC's Elmwood campus

A delegation from Mongolia visited SRUC to see first-hand how education is being delivered on the ground in the UK.

The group, which included government officials and representatives from employers, trade unions and non-governmental organisations, visited the college’s Elmwood campus in Fife where they were taken on a tour of the golf course, watched animal care and horticulture students at work, and enjoyed a buffet lunch in the training restaurant.

The visit was part of a week-long trip to Scotland organised by education expert Bill Fairbairn, from management consulting firm GOPA Consultants, who is in charge of implementing an EU-funded project in Mongolia.

“I am leading a five-year project supporting the Mongolian Government to reform the college system,” he said. “We have been visiting various organisations and institutions to try to stimulate a more modern approach to education and training in Mongolia.

“We want to showcase how people deal with education and training in the 21st century and are interested in seeing how students learn in the college context.”

Bill Fairbairn, who formerly worked for the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), selected Elmwood for the visit because of the courses being taught on the campus.

“Agriculture is a big industry in Mongolia and they are interested in what we do in an agricultural context,” he said. “It was a natural part of the programme to include a trip to Elmwood.”

Senior Tutor Ann Wood, who organised the itinerary for the day, said: “We were delighted to be able to welcome this group from Mongolia and to showcase the work we are doing with students at Elmwood.”

Subjects taught on the campus include Countryside Management, Land-based Skills and Hospitality & Cookery, in addition to Animal Care, Golf and Horticulture and Plantsmanship.

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