Pig-ture perfect for Chinese New Year

Published Tuesday, 5th February 2019 in Study at SRUC news

Pig ture perfect for chinese new year
Picture: Chris Watt

Chinese students Li Ningyi, left, and Wang Lingyi met two Midlothian piglets as China officially heralded the start of 2019 – The Year of the Pig.

The students are both studying for a Masters degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare – a course run by Scotland’s Rural College and the University of Edinburgh.

As part of their studies, Ningyi and Lingyi visited SRUC’s Pig Research Unit near Roslin.

According to latest figures from Universities Scotland, around 8,500 Chinese students study in Scotland every year. 

The pig is the 12th of the zodiac animals, and according to myth is said to have received this position when he turned up late to the Jade Emperor’s party, delayed by rebuilding his house after it was destroyed by a wolf. Those born in the Year of the Pig are said to enthusiastic, energetic, and are blessed with good fortune in life.

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