Engaging South Scotland’s schools

Published Wednesday, 30th January 2019 in Study at SRUC news

Engaging south scotlands schools
Engaging students in rural career opportunities

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is working on a new project with SRUC to improve access to rural skills and entrepreneurship programmes.

The project,aimed at schools across the South of Scotland, is being funded by the Scottish Government.

Announced by Public Finances Minister Kate Forbes the £156,000 funding will create two mobile learning centres and new online resources.

The two new interactive mobile learning centres will travel to schools across the South of Scotland to help in the delivery of Rural Skills National 4 and 5 level courses.

Complementing this practical hands-on learning, funding will also be used to develop on-line training packages, building on best practice from elsewhere in the UK and overseas.

Led by the SFC and delivered by SRUC the mobile centres and online resources will address gaps in the availability of rural (forestry, agriculture and horticulture) training across the south of Scotland.

They programmes will build the skills needed by local employers, and encourage more young people to consider land based careers

Ms Forbes said: “The Scottish Government is committed to driving inclusive growth across the south of Scotland.These projects will improve access to skills and training, support entrepreneurship and help us evaluate the potential of a range of local projects to make a strong contribution to the regional economy.”

Professor Nick Sparks, SRUC’s Dean of the South and West Faculty, said: “Education is vital to a thriving rural economy. This project is a great way to help students across the South of Scotland access high quality education and training, particularly those in more remote areas.  There are so many careers in the sector that are perfect for young people who are looking for a more practical and outdoors role.”

Michael Cross, Interim Director of Skills, Access and Outcome Agreements at the SFC, said: “We look forward to working with our partners at SRUC and beyond to ensure the successful delivery of this new programme which will see the provision of both practical skills delivery and on-line learning.”

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