Rural Brexit at the House of Lords

Published Wednesday, 12th December 2018 in Rural Policy Centre news

Rural perspectives on brexit presented in the house of lords
The SCRU Rural Policy Unit discuss brexit at the House of Lords.

The common and distinct challenges facing rural areas in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland were discussed at the House of Lords during an event co-organised by SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre.

Attendees discussed the need for a place-based approach to rural policy, the future of market towns, the merits of ring-fenced versus mainstreamed rural funding, the future of upland communities, and the need to recognise a broad range of public goods and the role of the private sector in delivering them, amongst many other topics.

The event was based around the four ‘After Brexit: 10 Key Questions for Rural Policy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland’ reports, led by the Centre for Rural Economy (CRE).

SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre worked with CRE on the Scotland report, which also drew in contributions from colleagues in the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen University and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre Manager Jane Atterton said “Presenting the four reports in the House of Lords, with MPs, Lords and other rural stakeholders present, was a great opportunity to discuss the differences between rural areas in the four countries and emphasise the need for differentiated policy approaches.

“In particular, we highlighted the extent of Scotland’s remote rural areas and the challenges for communities within them, and the need to take account of the different policy and legislative contexts across the UK, such as the community empowerment and land reform agendas in Scotland and more recent developments such as the National Council of Rural Advisers report on the future of Scotland’s rural economies and the Scottish Rural Parliament meeting last month in Stranraer.

“We hope to continue to strengthen the cross-UK research collaboration with colleagues in CRE and Aberystwyth in future.”

The ‘After Brexit: 10 Key Questions for Rural Policy in Scotland’ report can be found online here.

Please contact Jane Atterton for more information about the event and the reports.

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