Davy gets on Board

Published Wednesday, 14th November 2012 in Research news

Davy McCracken

Sustainable Ecosystems Team Leader, Dr Davy McCracken, has been appointed to the Conservation Committee of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

The Director of Conservation, Jonathan Hughes, and other committee members, were keen to get Davy on board due to his expertise on the relationships between agriculture and wildlife.

The Trust are currently highlighting the need for ecosystem-scale conservation, actions to address the threat to the natural environment from climate change, promoting sustainable development, the need for wildlife-friendly planning and design, plus the importance of protecting the marine environment.

Davy, a member of the Land Economy and Environment Research Group, says: “I like being on committees that achieve something and I believe that this one will. I really want to contribute to the Trust’s efforts and although I’ll be serving on this board in a personal capacity, I think it reflects well on SRUC that outside organisations recognise the expertise we have here.”

Take a look at Davy's Research Profile.

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