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‘Crash course’ in animal breeding

Published Wednesday, 17th October 2018 in Veterinary Services news

Vetnomics news
The new course will see SRUC livestock scientists bring vets up to speed on the fast-evolving field of genomics. Picture: Colin Hattersley

World-leading livestock scientists will next month deliver a ‘crash course’ in animal breeding.

Delivered by Scotland’s Rural College in collaboration with Agrimetrics, Vetnomics is designed for practicing vets, their clients, interested farmers, retailers, genomic services providers and breeding companies.

It aims to guide trained vets and professionals working in the livestock industry through a refresher in basic genetics to the latest developments in genotyping and sequencing, from the importance of phenotyping to the best assessment and management of animals based on their genetic merit.

Dr Steph Smith, the course organiser, explained that Vetnomics is designed to bring attendees up to speed on the application of genomics by taking them away from their day jobs for as short a time as possible.

She added: “Vetnomics provides a comprehensive but condensed introduction to genetics and genomics in animal breeding and their use in practice in just two days.”

The course will also feature a practical demonstration by Neogen, a company which offers genomics services worldwide.

Professor Mike Coffey, one of the SRUC livestock experts delivering Vetnomics, said: “The practical application of science is playing an increasingly important role in modern farming. Genomic technologies can help improve and safeguard animal health and welfare through better breeding and management. Vets are the most trusted farm advisers so need to know what to advise on genomics.

“Through the interdisciplinary approach of Vetnomics, we hope to share important messages from animal genetics research, give confidence in emerging technologies and refresh and inform vets as to the underlying mechanisms of genetic progress for data interpretation and discussion with farmers.”

Available online or through a two-day residential, Vetnomics will be held at the Norton House Hotel, Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8LX, on 22 and 23 November.

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