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Open Day for all Farmers at Veterinary Services Centre, Thurso

Published Wednesday, 14th November 2012 in SAC Consulting news

Local farmers are invited to a free open day at SAC Consulting’s Veterinary Services Centre in Thurso from 11am to 2.30pm on Thursday 29th November.

Vets Sinclair Mason and Mary-Jo Grant will lead an informal tour around the centre allowing the farmers to explore the facilities. There will then be a demonstration of the best way to submit a faeces sample for testing.

Mary-Jo says: “We do sometimes get samples submitted in old yoghurt pots or jam jars when we really need them in sealable freezer bags, or in sterilised screw top containers you can get from your vet. We also want to advise farmers on how much faeces you need to collect from your flock or herd to get a representative sample.”

The guidance will apply to all samples no matter what they are being tested for but the event is particularly relevant due to the recently reported rise of liver fluke in Scotland. Last month SRUC released guidance recommending that farmers monitor their farm level of liver fluke regularly and have liver fluke egg detection tests carried out on faeces samples from mid-January.

Mary-Jo says: “We want to encourage farmers to send in samples regularly before there is evidence of clinical illthrift or wasting.”

Ian Pritchard, SAC Health Schemes Manager, will also be at the event to advise farmers on getting the most out of their cows in his talk about suckler herd health and production.

Finally, there will be a group discussion on topical diseases and the organisers are keen to stress that it will be very much an open forum where farmers can discuss any concerns with the group or one to one.

If they want to attend this free event, sponsored by Novartis Animal Health, farmers should book in advance by calling SAC Consulting’s Thurso Office on 01847 892 602. Lunch will be provided.

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