Fitness bootcamp for Ayr students

Published Wednesday, 7th November 2012 in Campuses & Offices news

SRUC riverside students at Blairvaddich

Twenty-two Riverside sports students found themselves facing five incredibly challenging days at an SRUC organised field trip at Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre.

Each student picked a particular area to specialise in – from sport climbing, team sports, road cycling and distance running – and then followed a gruelling five day fitness and data analysis programme. Supervised by SRUC Lecturers Dave Grant and Drew Wallace the days were packed; bleary or bright eyed students readied themselves for action by 8am and there was no rest to be had until after 10pm.

It wasn’t just physical tests and training that occupied the hours, a large proportion of time was spent collating and analysing performance data.

For 21-year-old Liam Fleming, studying Sports Coaching and Development, examining the data was an invaluable learning experience, but surprisingly it wasn’t the most taxing part of the course. “The maximum testing was the hardest part” Liam explained, “It’s all about pushing yourself as hard as you can; one of ours was running as fast as you can up a hill wearing a 10kg weighted vest.”

And if that sounds punishing another group of students found themselves cycling up hills so steep (plus 10%) they would challenge any professional Tour de France cyclist.

But ultimately the course wasn’t about reaching a fitness goal; it was about preparing these final year degree students for life in the workplace. Senior Lecturer, Dave Grant, said: “They’ve learnt about the wider realities of the commercial sector. When they begin working in sport they won’t be able to lie in or knock off at 5pm, it’s been a real eye opener for some of them.”

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