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Published Friday, 25th May 2018 in Staff news

Uws visit photo
The Digital Classroom project team at the UWS campus in Paisley

A group of SRUC staff involved in the innovative Digital Classroom project made a recent visit to the University of the West of Scotland’s Paisley campus on a fact-finding mission.

A tour of several Digital Classrooms installed over the last few years at UWS proved extremely valuable giving an insight into the benefits of this type of facility for students and staff in promoting collaborative and interactive learning.

The opportunity enabled staff to visualise the technology and the learning space requirements while receiving feedback from UWS staff involved in the whole process, from pre-installation through to current utilisation.

The Digital Classrooms, also known as Collaborative Learning Spaces, have been well received at UWS by students with very positive feedback and increased student engagement reported.

In addition, the facility enables staff to implement further interactive and collaboration delivery techniques and involves pods for up to six or seven students, each with their own screens linked up to main screen with optional tilt demonstration screens/collaboration tables available.

UWS staff are in the process of installing another Digital Classroom at another campus, with current utilisation reported at an impressive 80 per cent.

Installation of a Digital Classroom at Barony Campus is anticipated to commence over the summer break, this will be a test environment with the intention of further Digital Classrooms being installed in due course at other SRUC campuses.

The SRUC Digital Classroom Project Team includes representation from academic departments, e-learning, quality team, PEG and IS from several campuses. Those on the UWS tour included Julie Parker, Ali Hastie, Ian McLean, Karen Martyniuk, Jarlath Flynn, Ian Linwood, Cath Seeds, Doug Goldie, Andrew Treadaway and Donald Brown.

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