Focus on SRUC

Published Wednesday, 14th November 2012 in Campuses & Offices news

Focus on SRUC

SRUC has just launched a photo competition for staff and students with the aim of showcasing what people most love about the organisation.

Sarah McMichael, SRUC’s Digital Media Officer, says: “We thought that doing a photo competition would be an ideal way to for our new community to showcase their life and work at SRUC.”

The competition will have different themes throughout the year, the first being Campus Life. Images can be anything related to life on campus, be it the people, the environment or the activities, and the competition organisers expect to see a huge range of pictures from sites across Scotland.

Sarah says: “With our many different departments and locations across Scotland and beyond there is much we can share with each other. We hope the photo competition will allow people to see and understand parts of the organisation they may have little contact with; we want those in Edinburgh offices to learn more about research in Inverness, or the farms in Dumfries. We want Ayr campus to get a feel for Barony, for Oatridge to understand Aberdeen; for us all to get a feel for the different personalities within our wider community.”

There will be a different winner for each competition theme with the overall winner getting an exciting mystery prize. The winner of this first contest will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

The competition will be judged by a selection of SRUC staff: To enter, email your photo to Please include in the subject "Focus on SRUC: Campus Life". In the email also include your name, if you are student or staff member, and what course/department and campus you are part of. Please also add a brief description of the photo, where and why you took it.

The deadline for this first theme is 29th November 2012: The winner will be announced on the SRUC Facebook page.

See the website for terms and conditions.

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