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Biosolid advice

Published Monday, 14th May 2018 in SAC Consulting news

Free guide to organic fertilisers now available
Organic fertilisers can be useful and cost-effective crop nutrients

The advantages of using organic fertilisers are highlighted in a free online resource for Scottish farmers.

A new technical note which explains how biosolids, composts, anaerobic digestates and industrial wastes can be useful and cost-effective crop nutrients has been produced by the Scottish Government’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) programme.

Delivered by specialists from SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), the technical note also provides guidance on how to comply with relevant legislation.

When used appropriately, the recycling to land of organic materials adds nutrient value to soil and crops, and in some cases provide significant savings on the cost of manufactured fertilisers.

Regular applications of bulky organic materials can improve water-holding capacity, drought resistance and structural stability.

SRUC Senior Consultant Dr Alex Sinclair, who wrote the technical note, said: “Using organic fertilisers can be an extremely useful and cost-effective way of improving soil fertility and quality. However, the nutrient value of applied organic fertilisers must be included in a farm’s fertiliser management plan for farmers to fully realise the financial benefit.”

To read the technical note, click here.

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